Maintenance and support

Only an adequate maintenance can guarantee the safety and the correct functioning of a system. By processing data resulting from its experience, Ekotec has its own maintenance guidelines. The procedures provides that each device is checked by operators and that the system is tested with adequate criticality simulations.

For all plants and systems, especially for the security ones, Ekotec provides very clear maintenance and support conditions, which can be grouped in three types of services.

  • Standard
  • Maintenance and support
  • Full Service

The Standard contract provides a defined number of visits for a regular check every year. The number depends on the type of system to be maintained, since the frequency of interventions is determined and ruled by law (for example, the fire-fighting systems). The contract also includes hour charges for extra interventions.

Maintenance and Support is the halfway contract. For a flat price, it includes both maintenance visits and technical support service. This provides a double benefit to the Client: a fixed cost for a complex service provided by Ekotec.

The contract also includes charges for extra interventions, if any.

This option is usually chosen by clients who have complex systems because they receive guaranteed interventions together with simpler administration paperwork.

Full Service. All inclusive contract, because the price includes:

  • maintenance checks
  • technical support
  • spare parts

Ekotec usually proposes a Full Service contract in the case of systems produced by the company. On particular conditions and after evaluation, this contract can be also entered in the case of systems produced by other companies.

Technical support availability

This is an option included in all Ekotec service packages. It includes:

  • telephone support
  • on-site intervention

In some situations a damage or malfunctioning cannot wait until the next day. Ekotec is aware about that, and for this reason they provide this important service in any type of contract.

Remote assistance

For some systems, an Ekotec operator can connect remotely. In this way he can perform tests, change settings and program the system again. The service optimizes the provision of the performance, and reduces the length of the intervention.

Moreover, the remote assistance is a very efficient service for reporting activities. The Ekotec operator can remotely check the available data.

Industrial automation

Ekotec provides all services concerning maintenance and the so-called blank tests of machinery and automatic systems, before starting production campaigns, wherever they are.

On-site technical support and remote assistance are necessary services in the industrial field, especially for continuous cycle production plants.

These services can be the subject of specific framework agreements with clients who require them.


The oil field, and more generally speaking the energy sector, cannot stop. Any stop would imply significant losses, given the high costs linked to the drilling activities.

Ekotec is always available for its clients and, thanks to remote assistance, it is increasingly reducing distances. By remotely connecting to systems in oil wells located in some of the least accessible areas in the world, the operator can analyze and solve anomalies in real time.