Fire-fighting solutions

In Ekotec, we produce many fire-fighting systems per year and we have 35 years’ experience. We have worked for industrial sites, craft businesses, commercial businesses, offices, and public institutions such as museums and hospitals.

We always start from our skills. We are aware that in order to start an efficient engineering phase, maximum attention shall be paid to Client’s needs, both for small and big clients.

A fire-fighting system is one of the most efficient tools to prevent risk for people or things. In work environment this risk is far more present than we can imagine.

How does it work?

In brief, we can say that detectors spot an alteration in ordinary conditions of a specific environment. The notification is delivered to the management unit, which can interpret received information and, if needed, it activates the procedure, which alarms the operators of the fire-fighting emergency and activates – if present – the automatic fire-extinguishing system, followed by the evacuation of the building.


For the sake of clarity, we can define these devices as the eyes and the nose of a fire-fighting system. Eyes which are able to see in impossible conditions and a sense of smell far more sensitive than the human one. Nothing can escape the control of an automatic detector.

The design of the whole system is crucial. Ekotec provides the client with a long experience in the field of fire-fighting safety. Our technicians will choose the detectors which fit best your specific needs. There are four categories of detectors:

  • smoke detectors
  • temperature detectors
  • flame detectors
  • combined detectors

An optical point detector can spot fire by detecting the presence of smoke. They are called point detectors because each device monitors a different detection point in a specific environment.

Even a change in temperature might imply a starting fire. In this case detectors can activate when a pre-set limit is crossed or they analyze the speed with which temperature is increasing.

Infrared or ultraviolet detectors can find a flame even in a very wide environment.

When they spot an alarming situation, all detectors inform the management unit which starts the safety procedures.

Fire-fighting alarms

The first reaction when detecting a fire is reporting the alarm to the fire-fighting emergency operators, so that they can intervene to check the nature and criticality of the situation. The report is targeted, since it activates:

  • Optical/acoustic signals
  • Remote transmission of the alarm (in case of unattended environment)

At the same time, the system can operate a specific series of interactions which are absolutely necessary in order to contain the risk of propagation and enable fire extinguishing. Namely:

  • It blocks the air conditioning system
  • It isolates the spaces involved in the event

The most modern automatic fire-extinguishing systems, like those functioning with inert gas or sprinkler system, activate and extinguish fire.

If the situation is critical, the emergency operators order the evacuation procedure, by activating:

  • Sirens for evacuation alarm
  • Public address systems

Performing a careful maintenance on the system is as important as having a good fire-fighting system. Ekotec also cares about this aspect, in accordance with the regulations in force, adjustment obligations, and Client’s safety and security needs.

Ekotec System in the world

Fire-fighting equipment

Ekotec brought into this sector its ideas and its way of working: a careful attention in the engineering phase, and care for details.

Safety and security represent a priority condition for companies managing and performing their activity. It is not just a bureaucracy issue or a legal obligation.

A careful risk analysis and the adoption of adequate prevention tools are the conditions which lead to the correct way of protecting the business value.

Active and passive protections

In the initial phase of the fire, which is promptly signaled by the detection system, the use of fire-fighting equipment can be crucial to protect people, limit damages and prevent the risk of a generalized fire.
For this reason, it is important to have protection equipment, such as:

  • fire extinguishers
  • hydrants
  • hose reels
  • smoke and heat ventilators (EFC)
  • fire doors (REI)
  • emergency doors

Thanks to this important equipment, fire-fighting operators of the company and then Firemen can efficiently limit the effects of a fire.

Even the security panels play a key role in emergency situations. In Ekotec we also take care of it.

Thus, a mix of active and passive prevention guarantees the safety and security every company needs, providing that all prevention equipment is correctly maintained in order to fight the normal wear and tear over the time.