Anti-theft solutions

Ekotec is aware that a company is a combination of more or less complex activities, with ever-changing dynamics. We therefore design and produce tailor-made solutions for:

  • shops and commercial structures
  • offices and business centers
  • craft businesses and industrial sites

We always start by analyzing the situations in order to develop, in close cooperation with the Client, the most suitable system which can meet his needs, even the most complex ones.


Since it deals with the public, a commercial business is exposed to risk. Depending on the type of activity, risks can be related to the presence of goods for sale or to the existence of more or less significant amounts of money.

A theft can lead to serious consequences. The immediately obvious damage is the theft of goods for sale. In addition, the activity might not be recovered in short times, because restoration interventions may be long-lasting and expensive.


A company knows how much it is important to have updated information and well-arranged documents. A theft in the office may result in more serious consequences than the value of stolen goods.

An office does not only store work equipment, but it concerns all the activities performed there. Suffering a theft or vandalism means losing our own working capability and realizing, day by day, how serious is the damage produced by an event that could be prevented.

Craft businesses and industrial sites

In Ekotec we started to work on anti-theft systems for industrial sites 35 years ago. And we have never stopped to. An anti-intrusion system for industrial sites is quite different from the one used to protect an office or a shop. First of all, spaces and accesses are different:

  • production halls
  • warehouses
  • parking
  • offices
  • site areas

Ekotec solutions

Protecting a company, the value kept within its walls, granting safety, security, and control requires a high level of expertise; just what Ekotec has acquired during its long experience.

In order to protect all of these areas and structures, it is important to study their critical points through inspections and planimetric surveys. An accurate and adequate risk analysis is the first step to ensure the safety and security of each site.

Ekotec produces technologically advanced anti-intrusion systems, which are perfectly fit for the style and lay-out of the environments they protect. The systems are able to integrate and interact with existing protection systems, such as video-surveillance, anti-theft or fire detection systems.

Access control

Depending on the field of application and the anti-theft level required, Ekotec offers several solutions for building or sensitive area surveillance, from access control to the most cutting edge anti-intrusion plants. All our anti-theft systems can be interfaced with integrated video control systems, in order to empower business security.

External protection

It does not matter how long the perimeter and the outside area are, and how many accesses the company has. Anti-intrusion systems offer performances which were unimaginable only few years ago and they are very cost-effective solutions. Ekotec knows that the advanced technology of external and perimeter protections allows to maximize their functions, by installing a relatively low quantity of devices.
Such as:

  • infrared barriers
  • microwave barriers
  • combined barriers
  • barriers with underground sensors

Thanks to video-analysis, even cameras can be an efficient defense tool.

Other anti-intrusion devices, including opening sensors or seismic detection sensors, can detect opening, breakthrough, breaking and other break-in attempts as to:

• gates
• doors
• windows, glass doors and grates

Internal protections

Rooms inside the structures are protected by volumetric sensors, which signal the presence of a person by detecting his/her movement.

Video surveillance is a further control and protection tool, which perfectly integrates with other anti-intrusion systems.

The future efficacy mostly depends on the system engineering and on the accuracy of technical surveys performed on site. Ekotec pays close attention to this phase, in order to use the most adequate tools in relation to the context and the actual environment conditions.

Fog security system

It is the most advanced and efficient solution among active protection systems. A fog security system produces a thick and impenetrable smoke screen in a few seconds, which fills the inner environment completely and prevents that the intended aim of the intrusion is achieved, i.e. the theft.

The fog produced by the system is harmless and does not leave any remains in the environment. Its activation produces the smoke screen in a moment, and it always catches the intruder unaware.

An active system like the fog is the best system technology offers to protect shops, offices and most reserved and crucial sectors of a company.