Industrial automation

Ekotec is a leading company in automated systems for production processes. It has grown up over the time, thanks to the work performed in the last 20 years, since the first order: the production of a software for a processing plant in Ecuador.

The competence achieved in building automation, has led Ekotec to face the engineering and the production of complete control systems for industrial processes. Besides our historical clients, new ones increasingly add from all over the world and from several industrial fields.

Ekotec has grown up together with these companies, proud of its ability to shape its name by making efficient systems, able to meet the needs of very different Clients, even operating on existing systems by remaking or updating them.

Our solutions are founded on the most advanced technology for automatic functioning of industrial plants, optimizing the management of complex situation and reducing human intervention in working and control phases. We have produced automated systems for:

  • tomato processing and working plants
  • food production lines
  • chemical industry (resin production)
  • recycling plants of used batteries
  • water purification
  • land reclamation consortia
  • Oil&Gas

Electric panels and on-board machine systems

Our engineering office, after receiving the Client’s requests, takes care of the electric project, both for the control panel and the on-board machine system.

Our workshop is equipped for any type of processing, including wiring with copper covering.

The correct size of the control panel, depending on the functions required and on the number of actuators, is performed in accordance with specifications provided by the Clients during the engineering phase.

When making the on-board machine system, we make real the automation system which was only drawn on paper. We define the ways of connection of all sensors and actuators of industrial machinery to the electric control panel.


Starting from the flow chart, Ekotec programmers translate the information collected into PLC instructions, compatible with all the actuators connected to the electric panel. This results in a native management software, developed for a specific system.

The human-machine interface (HMI) can be a basic one, through a panel which displays messages as written texts; or it can be an evolved one, representing the system layout, in order to have a prompt view of the whole industrial line and its performances.

The interfaces can be provided with a touch screen, in order to ease the interaction of the operator assigned to the system.

Operating instructions

The writing of the operating instructions is one of the crucial moments in the production of an industrial automated system. It is also one of the ways to check the attention Ekotec pays for its products.

The instructions allow the operator to use the machines controlled by the system, concerning both modes and functions.

Starting the system

Ekotec is also present in the start-up phases of the automated system, by providing on-site support with high qualified personnel. In this way, the Client can immediately manage the system, without delays in the operations.

Moreover, Ekotec offers a remote assistance service which, besides the start-up phase, guarantees immediate intervention for inspections, changes to the program and settings of the system.