Access Control


In the last years, the Companies’ protection systems became more detailed and more specific according to the individual realities. If until a short time ago the primary exigence was mainly to protect themselves from the external intrusions, nowadays it’s increasingly important the need to monitor and manage the people and vehicles’ flow at the gates, both from inside and outside.

In the large companies, for their own size or because in their locations sensitive activities take place, the buildings are often divided into areas and in each of these, the access is subject to the authorization. It is obvious that the supervision of such operations is very complicated as the flow of people to be managed is not only the one related to employees, but also to ordinary suppliers, occasional visitors and various workers. The fact that there are many types of access (pedestrian, cycle or vehicular), makes the total process further complicated  .


Access Control is born just in order to simplify and automatize these complex procedures. It is a security system that, through the use of electronic devices, located near the doors or gates (external or internal), detects and registers accesses, enabling or disabling the passage of the various subjects.


First of all, it works by the usage of a software, for users’ registration filing, and of all the access rules to the various areas. From this central “archive”, the information is sent to the access control panels located at the individual gates. These control units, through the readers connected to them, receive data from individual users, determining their identification and the related authorization.

Until not so long ago, these devices were mostly simple code readers or magnetic cards (called “badges”), while today the most modern technologies have been studied and applied to this sector, greatly extending the range of the employment possibilities. Barriers, turnstiles, doors and gates can now be monitored by plate reading cameras, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers, biometric readers, magnetic readers, code readers or even UHF (Ultra High Frequency) vehicle antennas. Therefore the various electronic devices differ not only in the type of data to be received, but also on the transmission modality, making these systems increasingly accessible and versatile.


There are a lot of developments offered by Access Control. In particular, thanks to the integration with the systems of Attendances Revelation, it’s possible to organize with a single infrastructure, not only the activities related to the Security and Human Resources, but also the procedures related to the  production control and to the Emergencies’ management.

It is possible, in fact, to identify users’ groups, whom assigning personalized access authorizations to, which can be split not only in the space (for example only at the gates of a certain sector), but also in the time (for example during time slots and days of activity). This allows to have in each moment a precise idea of the presences and their location within the perimeter of the company, data that allows, in case of emergency, to manage the evacuations and to recovery speedily and effectively eventual missing people. 


Ekotec install and manage access control systems for companies in the districts of Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Cremona and Mantova.