Industrial settlement
Monitoring center and emergency intervention
Perimeter protection with thermal cameras and video analysis
Technical Data:
FLIR, video analysis Avigilon RIALTO

Thermal cameras

Reference type:

Outdoor perimeter protection with thermal cameras and video analysis.

End user:

Industrial site for commercial use.

Aims of the system:

The strengthening of the existing perimeter protection system is achieved with the implementation of devices for monitoring the specific hazardous areas: these sensors can be integrated in the security and video surveillance systems already operating. In addition at this extra protection it was required to assure the control in the most disparate weather conditions by detecting and reporting the intrusion attempts to the monitoring central and to the emergency intervention.


We integrated the existing security system with a thermal cameras plant connected to the video analysis for timely protection of the sensitive areas. The thermal cameras ensure, compared to the traditional shooting systems, the acquisition of images even in complete darkness or poor visibility due to smoke or fog, or when subjects hide or are camouflaged in a complex background. The thermal camera is sensitive only to infrared radiation emitted by objects; its ability to view is not affected by the brightness of the framed scene and it is insensitive to the disturbing elements such as vegetation and shrubs, and this makes it particularly suitable to perform the video analysis functions with purposes of the intrusion alarm. How much are great the temperature differences in a scene, so clear are the images produced by a thermal camera.
The new thermal cameras with video analytics have been fully integrated into the video surveillance and antitheft systems installed for protecting the industrial plant. Thanks to the video analysis, the cameras ensure the control intrusion of the whole framed area, intercepting and reporting any movement that occurs within the protected perimeter.


The strengthening of the external protection with the installation of the cameras with video analytics allows our customer to obtain specific protection areas at greatest risk, realizing actually a second level of protection, a kind of invisible fence for discreet surveillance of the same areas. The full integration of the new devices in the existing security system allows to the surveillance Institute, to display, in case of an alarm, even thermal images with the evidence of the entity that caused the activation.


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