Private residence
External buried perimeter alarm system
Technical Data:
Radiofrequency system Senstar Stellar interred

Security protection for garden

Type reference:

External perimeter alarm system interred for protecting a private house with garden.

End user:

Family living in a house with garden.

Aims of the system:

Realizing a reliable garden system that protects the house and the family that lives there. The solution must be completely camouflaged so as to maximize the efficiency of the detection and, at the same time, to safeguard the aesthetics and the functionality of the park. To complete the buried security perimeter, a camera system allows to view remote events and alarm messages..


We assist the customer in the detailed valuation of the protection needs and in the study of the characteristics of the garden to be protected. Through the information gathered, it’s possible to individualize the perimeter system based on radio frequency technology, with interred cables capable to detect intrusions. The external perimeter solution suggested shows off already several similar installations and many years of experience: the LYNX system is the fifth generation of interred sensors for the personal and housing protection. It generates an invisible detection field that follows the course of cables. If an intruder enters in the detection range of the sensor cable, it changes the electromagnetic field and this variation causes the activation of the alarm system and the localization of its position (the portion of the cable concerned). The main features of this solution are the possibility of detecting objects according to their mass, their position, and also the ability to be installed in almost all types of terrain, including flooring, asphalt, cement, etc., Even in the presence of vegetation and of the automatic irrigation systems.


The solution installed is an effective advanced detecting system against the intrusions into the property, anticipating in fact the alarm signal when the potential attacker is located outside and he is still far from the house to be guarded. The integration of the LYNX system with antitheft alarm for the house and with surveillance cameras maximizes the effectiveness of the protection.


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