Integration of security, video surveillance, fire fighting systems
Technical Data:

Logistic settlement

Type reference:

Logistic settlement.

End user:

This is an important logistics company of the territory, with a settlement of 16,500 sq.m of warehouses equipped, specialized in the management of clothing items and accessories designer, in the store operations – picking – shipments.


Protect goods deposited against theft attempts, preserve buildings and goods against fire.


For the realization of this project it has been adopted a quality solution that would ensure the full integration and supervision of antitheft systems, fire fighting detection and video surveillance. The cameras monitor the external area of the settlement and in alarm case, transmit the images directly to the Surveillance Institute. The smoke detection is achieved with more intelligent centrals that communicate each other through bus dedicated. The storage areas are protected with linear smoke detectors, while areas used as office and as technical rooms are controlled by analog punctiform detectors. The fire fighting system also controls the activation of the automatic fire extinguishing system placed as protection of CED.

All plants, independent from each other, interact and are supervised by a computer on which the control system EUREKA allows the operator to verify and manage the different systems.


The solution realized meets completely the complex security needs of the settlement and the strict operating needs of the employees.

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