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Video surveillance outer perimeter with intelligent video analysis
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Honeywell Active Alert

Intelligent video analisys

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Video surveillance external perimeter system of an industrial site with intelligent video analysis.

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Create a system of external perimeter protection for new industrial plant which, integrated with video surveillance, detects intrusion attempts into the property by the passing of the fence. The solution proposed would have to be interfaced on one side with the Surveillance Institute, by sending suspicious events and alerts, on the other side it would have to be integrated with the system of building management system (BMS) planned for the settlement.


After having examined the possible technological solutions, we decide to install a powerful video surveillance system along the whole perimeter of the settlement, based on analog fixed cameras Day / Night high sensitivity (Resolution D1). Each camera is located so as to frame a limited portion of the external fence so that the entire perimeter is monitored without interruptions. The individual cameras are connected to a management platform based on a server that accomplishes either the record functions either the complex functions of an intelligent video analysis. For this protection perimeter is selected ACTIVE ALERT® Honeywell platform, a complete range of products for security and integrated surveillance solutions. The video analytics system is configured to analyze the actions of the various objects / people that move into the area framed from the camera providing real-time alerts based on how the objects/people move or remain in the area. ACTIVE ALERT can monitor up to 20 objects per each camera: according on the area monitored by the specific camera the intelligent video analysis parameters are configured to maximize the detection capability of the system. The recording and video analysis platform are integrated in the software for the management of all security systems of the settlement. The images captured and alarm signals are then transmitted to the control center of the Surveillance Institute.


The solution installed, fully integrated with the other systems of protection and security of the complex (anti-intrusion, video surveillance, access control and fire detection), is an excellent summary of the most innovative technologies available today and the monitoring systems integration with the aim to maximize the effectiveness of the protection.


Tags: Active Alert, intelligent video analysis, video analytics, video surveillance.