Pharmaceutical industrial settlement
Integration of safety, security e domotica.
Technical Data:

Building automation and security: the possible integration

Type reference:

Pharmaceutical industrial settlement. Integration among the different security subsystems, safety and home automation.

End user:

Sclavo Diagnostics International is involved in research, development, production and marketing of kits and reagents for in vitro diagnostics and it operates in the Clinical Chemistry, Specific and Urinary Proteins, Serology, Immunology, Bacteriology and Molecular Biology sectors.

Aims of the system:

Safeguard the assets and the know-how by means of fire protection systems, intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance. Managing automatically the lighting of the building.


For the realization of the systems it has been chosen a mixed solution, identifying the most suitable components for the production, taking care of the aspect of subsequent integration among the systems. It has been installed HONEYWELL and CIAS components for intrusion detection and video surveillance, SPAZIO ITALIA for access control, NOTIFIER for fire fighting detection, BOSCH for the alarm sound system and REGIN EXOMATIC for the control and supervision systems. The burglar alarm system is managed by a central that presides over the operation of the internal and external perimetral protection. The SPAZIO ITALIA access control regulates the accesses to the building and to the different internal areas. The cameras monitor the external area of the settlement and, in alarm case, transmit the images directly to the Surveillance Institute. NOTIFIER smoke detection protects the whole building against fire risk and the BOSCH system has the task of releasing any alarm signal in the settlement.
The management of the lighting system and the collection of technological alarms is entrusted to the platform REGIN EXOMATIC.
The plants, independent, interact with each other using the EXOMATIC platform and they are supervised by a computer that allows the operator to control and to manage the different systems.


Thanks to the different technologies used, it has been possible to achieve a complete and an integrated security system that, although complex, it’s easy and reliable to manage, and it allows the control and management of the entire settlement by the supervision platform.


Technical data:

  • SPAZIO ITALIA Access control
  • Video surveillance DEDICATED MICROS, HONEYWELL
  • Sound system BOSCH
  • Home automation REGIN EXOMATIC
  • Supervision REGIN EXOMATIC

Tags: Burglar alarm, building automation, fire detection, video surveillance

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