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Video surveillance system for oil wells and oil and gas installations
Technical Data:
Explosion-proof CCTV system with the management server and explosion proof user interface

ATEX CCTV System for harsh environments

Type reference:

Explosion-proof video surveillance system running on oil drilling rig and harsh environments (ATEX CCTV Solution)

End User:

Rig Manufacturer.

Aims of the system:

Achieving a CCTV system to monitor the drilling operations that gives to the plant operator an instant overview, complete and comprehensive of the situation. In particular, thanks to the explosion-proof cameras installed in key positions, the system monitors the areas that are not under the direct visual control of the drilling operator. The CCTV system surveils all areas where it could occur dangerous situations for the personnel working on the RIG. In the meantime it surveils the equipment, putting in evidence problems that if not properly and promptly managed could compromise, or even could shut down the drilling activity.

The operator monitor, installed on the driller cabin, displays the images taken by the cameras. Thanks to the touch screen, the drilling operator can easily control the settings, the positioning and the Pan&Tilt of the various devices. Depending on the driller cabin type, the HMI could be standard or suited for ATEX environment.


The solution’s design grew considering the harsh conditions undergone by the entire rig: critical temperatures (-40 °), strong mechanical stress and vibration, explosive atmospheres (ATEX Z1, Z2). At the same time, we focused on maximising the quick installation, on the easiness to use and, above all, on the high reliability.

We found out a modular solution, choosing the components among the best products available on the market, supporting the customer in selecting the positioning of all devices and fixing systems.

Particular attention has been paid in the ideation of a camera support, able to absorb vibrations and mechanical shocks, and also in the adoption of an electrical connection system with safety plugs to simplify the installation and the start-up of CCTV system.


We have paid the utmost care in the selection of every detail. This solution for video surveillance has been installed on over 20 operating rigs in different countries around the world, helping to speed up the drilling operations and to increase the safety of the machinery. We developed a dedicated and intuitive graphical interface that allows quick access to the functions and the commands, simplifying the control of the cameras through the management monitor.


  • Explosion-proof cameras: VIDEOTEC MAXIMUS MPX
  • Management system: MILESTONE / MOXA
  • Switchboards for areas classified ATEX: EKOTEC

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