Customer:Audiovisual systems constructor
Location:Reggio Emilia
Services:Installation of automatic fire fighting system with inert gas IG-100 (NITROGEN)
Technical Data:Fire fighting system with inert gas at 300 bar


Type reference

Automatic fire fighting system with nitrogen, total saturation, for the protection against the burning of a rehearsal room

End User

Important company of Reggio Emilia, active since 1949 in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-tech products , systems for the professional audio, Sound Public and evacuation plants.

Aim of the System

Protecting the rehearsal room of the R & D area against possible fire caused by the speakers collapse during the test. This kind of room is a place for the testing of the speakers (designed in various types and sizes), in conditions that can exceed the maximum limits stated. The tests are held cyclically, 24 hours on 24, and during this procedure, some fires can trigger due to the overheating of the components. The protection system should rapidly detect any incipient fire and implement a sudden opposing action.


For the design of automatic fire fighting system of the Reggio Emilia’s rehearsal room, we considered the many available fire extinguishing technologies (inert gas, NOVEC, aerosols, CO2, Water mist, etc.). The characteristics of these, are related to the kind of the source of fire to extinguish, equipment installed, local architecture and possible presence of the test drivers.

We opted for the use of a gas-solution IG-100, completely ecological, that implements the extinguishing operation with the technique of the total saturation “TOTAL FLOODING”. This type of action is based on lowering of the content of oxygen in the local protected, up to a value comprised between 11% and 12.5%. Below this value, the combustion process can’t take place. In the case of the inert gas’s discharge into the local protected, possible risks of thermal shock to the equipment are avoided. Moreover, during the discharge, the inert gas does not cause any reduction in visibility, thus maintaining the desired concentration for a long time in the protected area. The IG-100 employs nitrogen gas, a product naturally present in the atmosphere, that when in contact with flames has no type of reaction, leaving intact products and environment.

IG55 Ceiling nozzle IG55 Gas cylinder Door fan Integrity test - Measurement phase Door fan Integrity test - Equipment setup


The automatic fire fighting system in the rehearsal room is able to quickly extinguish any type of fire detected by the alarm system: it  staves off problems due to the possible presence of the staff during the gas’s discharge. The use of inert gas ensures a quick and a recovery system in case of intervention.

The “Door Fan Test” performed after installation certifies the correct sizing of the system and the absence of the important losses in the protected space, that would compromise the effectiveness of the fire extinguishing action. The “DOOR FAN ENCLOSURE INTEGRITY TEST”, test set out by the norm of the plant UNI EN 15004-1 point 8.2.4., is a method of analysis of the local’s capacity to identify the entity of the losses. It also estimates the ability of the protected room to retain the gases issued by the “TOTAL FLOODING” fire extinguishing system.

The stipulation of a maintenance contract ensures the customer a periodical check of the protection system installed in accordance with the technical standards and the maintenance of its effectiveness and efficiency.


IG-100 inert gas  automatic fire fighting system with a battery of 300 bar gas bottles 300 in TPED steel, complete with a fast flow valve accordance with PED and EN 12094-4, a safety frangible disk valve, flexible hose, junction gatherer and SCH40 / ASA3000 conduit for the inert gas distribution into the protected laboratory.

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